• Minion Barbeque
    Minion Barbeque
    This funny minion is having a barbeque party and he invited all of his minion friends. Help him arrange the food before the guests arrive. he prepared so many tasty dishes like burgers, steak, sea food, chicken skewers, grilled fish, turkey and many more. do not forget the ice tea, desert and other refreshments. They will have so much fun tanks to you!
  • Peppa Pig Farm
    Peppa Pig Farm
    Peppa Pig decided to move to the countryside, so he can have his own farm. He is very excited about the idea, but he does not know how to take care of his land and animals. Play this game and follow the directions to help Peppa Pig to have the most beautiful farm around. Enjoy!
  • Peppa Pig feed the animals
    Peppa Pig feed the animals
    Now you are the happy owner of this amazing farm. You have 4 kind of different animals: pigs, cows, chickens and lambs. You can choose with which animal you wanna start and after that you must clean the place where the animals stand. Your main goal is to collect what each animal produce to make an high score!
  • Pikachu Xi
    Pikachu Xi
    The ruler of Game is very simple, You have to find the pairs of the same card and the path between the two characters must have a maximum of three lines. To win the game, Clear all animal cards before the end of level time.
  • Pikachu Run Run
    Pikachu Run Run
    Pikachu likes fruits. There are many fruits scattered around the green land. Pikachu must collect them by itself and avoid other Pocket Monsters! Pikachu Run! Run! Collect all the fruits!
  • Run Run Santa
    Run Run Santa
    On Christmas Day, Santa has forgotten to meet the kids as they are waiting through out the way!! Run all the way to reach all the kids and give gifts to them. While running, do not miss any kids and make them unhappy, else you will lose life.
  • Beach mermaid princess game
    Beach mermaid princess game
    Selena is a mermaid who loves following the underwater fashion trends. She made herself new clothes and she wants to try them on. Dress her up choosing mermaid outfits and accessories and she'll look amazing! Don't forget to apply waterproof make up as well!
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    Create our very own Jake from American Dragon, you can customize the hair, create new dresses and even the face, with a wide selection to choose from. Have fun!
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  • Bee Do The Emergency Minion Response Bee Do The Emergency Minion Response
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  • Hannah Montana Real Haircuts Hannah Montana Real Haircuts
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  • Hannah Montana Makeover Hannah Montana Makeover
    In this game you can give Hannah Montana a perfect makeover but you can also chose her hair style ,her hair color and jewelery or tops that go with her new look. If you have chosen a color or type of make up that you don`t like on her than chose another one and the old one with disappear and you can make Hannah look beautiful again.
  • High School Musical Coloring High School Musical Coloring
    This is your chance to add your personal taste into the cast of your favorite High School Musical Characters. You can color their clothes, their hair, and even their skin! There are hundreds of combinations to choose from in this fun coloring game.
  • Snow White Transformation Snow White Transformation
    Snow White wants to escape her evil stepmother so she needs to change her look completely so that nobody recognizes her when you are done. Help Snow White and click multiple times on every dwarf hat and you will discover new hair styles,new clothes or new shoes for our beautiful princess.
  • Mario Run Mario Run

    Mario has just escaped from Bowsers castle prison and is on the run! Help him evade Bowser and his minion forces in an epic chase through the kingdom.

  • Minion Search Papoy Minion Search Papoy
    Help minions to collect all the banana toys, pass all the obstacles and go to the exit door in this simple platform game for kids.
  • Minion Fire Me to The Moon Minion Fire Me to The Moon
    Blast your despicable minions to the moon!

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Infomation: Minion fall in love, a girl love him very much, he also like the girl very much. Valentine's day, they decided go to the playground. Minion wanted to impress the girl, he came to our hair salon, let's help him, give him a new hairstyle, choose beautiful glasses and hat for him, let her have a perfect day with the girl.. Minion At Hair Salon with more than 6443 plays.

How to play: mouse only

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