• How To Train Your Dragon Lunch Surprise
    How To Train Your Dragon Lunch Surprise
    Toothless, the dragon from the island of Berk, is very hungry. His trusty viking friend and trainer, Hiccup, is ready to make his a great lunch and feed him a nice meal to make him strong and powerful. In this game, you can help them to do it. Play How To Train Your Dragon Lunch Surprise at You can selection of eleven ingredients you can use such as a chicken, fish, goat, cat food, beer, chili pepper, worms, milk and a special potion. You can select four ingredients and place them in the pot to make the meal. Let's play now!
  • Ariel House Makeover
    Ariel House Makeover
    Princess Ariel lives in a great place, filled with light. But lately her house has been a mess and she needs help decorating and cleaning it. You can play Ariel House Makeover game at and help her clean her house.Collect the dirty clothes and place them in the laundry basket. Pick up the trash and place it in the garbage bin. Use a clean cloth to clean the bed and furniture.
  • Baby Barbie Hobbies Frozen Tshirt
    Baby Barbie Hobbies Frozen Tshirt
    Baby Barbie is really a big fan about Disney movie Frozen, she wants to design to make her own fun Frozen themed t-shirt with all her favorite characters. You can use the baby girl's plain white t-shirts, selecting one tshirt at a time and decorating it with gorgeous Frozen colors and prints. Choose between different shades of blue, purple, green, yellow and red. You can play free this game at Have fun!
  • Anna Cooking Spaghetti
    Anna Cooking Spaghetti
    Do you like play cooking games. Let's play at Anna Cooking Spaghetti game. Craving for delicious and spicy spaghetti! So Anna decided to make spaghetti in her kitchen. Can you help her? Grab the ingredients, prepare recipe and serve hot with noodles. Have some fun while you learn new recipes.!
  • Baby Barbie hospital recovery game
    Baby Barbie hospital recovery game
    An ambulance rushed baby Barbie to the hospital where she awaits medical care asap. She is messy, dirty and in great pain. Examine the baby patient for body injuries using your doctor skills. Check the vital signs. Give her an injection and pain pills. Change her dirty clothes with a clean hospital robe. Untangle the messy hair brushing away the wood boughs. Remove splinters with surgical pliers. Clean up the wounds, disinfect them with antiseptic lotion and apply sterile bandages. Baby Barbie still complains of pain in her arm and leg. An x ray must be done. The sad news is that the pretty girl has fractured both her arm and leg. This will affect her hospital recovery. Fix the broken bones applying bandage and cast. Be with baby Barbie during her hospital recovery attending to her needs. Some hugs and kisses will surely cheer up the day. How about a Get Well Soon present to make the adorable princess smile again and help her forget about the unfortunate tree accident? Have a fabulous time playing our newest baby game!
  • Frozen Anna Ball Prep
    Frozen Anna Ball Prep
    Frozen Anna is preparing for a great party! With your help she will make-up and choose a beautiful dress to wear. Also she will perform some magic tricks for her friends. Have fun playing with Anna!
  • Smash Car Clicker
    Smash Car Clicker
    Do you like playing racing car games? Smash Car Clicker is for you, which you can play free at! Your mission in this game is to jump up and down on the car roof to destroy it. Remember to save money to upgrade your jumping power. Have more fun!
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Infomation: Ultimate flash game for all Sonic fans. One of best versions you can find around, in which you can play with four different heroes from Sonic world. Collect all rings, beware of enemies and have fun.. Sonic The Hedgehog Ultimate with more than 2952 plays.

How to play: Use arrow keys, space to play

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